We are More than Just a Meal – We’re three services in one

We Nourish – With a meal delivered to your door

We Care – With a safe and well-being check

We  Strengthen  Communities – A service that brings people together

Our Vision

Bathurst Meals on Wheels provides quality, nutritious meals to frail older people and people with a disability and their carers to enable them to live independently.  BMOW utilises the resources of a pool of volunteers to deliver meals and to provide clients with social contact. Central West Food Services work in partnership with other food organisations in rural and remote NSW to assist them on accessing a range of nutritious meals.

Our Purpose

Bathurst Meals on Wheels will provide a service to people within the Commonwealth Home Support Care Program and National Disability Services target group in a way that ensures flexible and client focused service delivery


In August 1964, a meeting was held at the Bathurst Civic Centre for the purpose of launching a Meals on Wheels Service to the Bathurst Region.  The meeting was attended by members of Bathurst District Hospital, Bathurst Council, Rotary, Country Women’s Association, Catholic Men’s Club, Kelso Ladies Guild, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Women’s League, Presbyterian Women’s Organisation and other citizens of Bathurst. At the instigation of Charles Kohlhoff, Chief Executive Officer of the Bathurst Base Hospital and Vince Gordon, President of Bathurst Rotary, a Meals on Wheels Service was formed with, Mr Charles Kohlhoff chairing the meeting and was voted in as the first Chairman of Bathurst Meals on Wheels Services Inc. On the 15th November 1964 the first hot meals were delivered by 2 volunteers to 8 elderly residents of Bathurst. At the first AGM in 1965 it was reported that 2783 hot meals had been delivered to 30 residents and that 16 residents were currently receiving meals. The meals were prepared at no extra cost by staff at Macquarie Homes for the Aged for a cost of 2/6 a meal. Bathurst Rotary continued to underwrite the project and meals were delivered to residents by some 20 community groups filling a roster of 2 cars, 5 days a week. In August 1970 a subsidy of $616 was received from the Commonwealth Government. In 1971 Bathurst Meals on Wheels was registered as a Charitable Organisation. Recipients now paid 35c for a meal, but with the subsidy, it was possible to pay Macquarie Homes 45c per meal. 74,924 meals were delivered in the first 10 years of operations. With the increasing need for the service, there were strains on the voluntary organisation which was, in effect, running a small business with the guidance of a Committee. With the increased demand, at times more cars and taxis were needed to be arranged for the delivery of hot meals. The organisation grew to such an extent that it became necessary to employ staff to guide the organisation as it expanded its operations. Hot meals were still being prepared and distributed from Macquarie Homes while frozen meals were prepared in the Seymour Centre kitchen and distributed, to other Meals on Wheels services in the Central West. A later move saw all meals, hot and frozen, prepared and delivered from the Seymour Centre. In 1997 it was desirable for Meals on Wheels to have its own premises, complete with a production kitchen. The Department of Ageing and Disability gave $175,000 towards the cost of a new building, with the continued assistance from Rotary, the generous community of Bathurst donating many hours of volunteer work, money and discounts on materials and hard work to see the new building occupied in 1999. The new premises was named after the first Chairman, the Kohlhoff  Production Centre, Bathurst Meals on Wheels Services Inc.

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